Jawaharlal Nehru National Youth Computer Training Centre (JNNYCTC)

                           A unit of 'National Council of Educational Foundation'

                   Jawaharlal  Nehru  National Youth Computer Training  Centre (JNNYCTC) is an autonomous computer education literacy mission. This organization is dedicated  to provide computer  education to every  corner of our country.  So that our country  can  be included among the developed country from developing country.


                  Our  goal  is  to  help   the  growing number of  jobless  youths  across the country through   various   kind   of   skill  development program. We are determined   to To assist Indian  Govt.  fulfill  the  dream,  Digital India  Mission. To make the Indian rural youth a face to recon with in the emerging markets.


               To  contribute in the creation of local talent  pools  of skilled labour that is on global standards. JNNYCTC  has entered  the field of  education  and  training  with desire to provide quality   education  and  hands  on  training  in advance    computer.   Quality  education   and training   is   a    major   requirement  and  this accentuates  our  thrust  in  the  education  and training  programs. The focus of the courses is the quality of  education that makes a student stand out the  crowd  giving him a cutting edge over others.