Mr. Rajib Uddin Mondal

JNNYCTC is a beacon of light which illuminates the unseen and the unknown recesses of your personality. Apart from academics, cultural and traditional persuasion we are striving to groom our students’ self development and self discipline through self introspection.

Education at JNNYCTC lays emphasis on growing individually as a technocrat and a responsible citizen of this world as a whole. The Institute is committed to serve our students in such a manner that they are able to uncap their talent and transform themselves into creative, sensible and committed technocrats dedicated to serve the nation. In today's fast changing scenario where globalization is the mantra of the day, it is our earnest endeavor to keep our students abreast with the latest in the application of technology so they may be able to tap the deepest core of their latent potentiality.

I am confident that armed with contemporary education and strong moral values, our students will march ahead triumphantly to capture all glory and success in life